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The Cinematic Effect

We specialize in aerial cinematography for film and commercial work.

Cinematic Effect is a low altitude aerial cinematography company that focuses on the film industry. Cinematic Effect is not another small time business that uses an amateur drone to get the shot. These days practically anyone can get a drone with a camera in the air; but what actually matters is what you do once you get in the air.

Getting cinematic shots is a skill that very few in the industry have; its about planning and executing dynamic shots that will make the most impact. That is why we have invested heavily in the right tools of the trade. We are serious about perfecting our craft and making sure clients have the shots they need to turn their project into a stunning masterpiece.

This company was founded by Judah Rodriguez and was born out of cinematic skill and passion for the aerial cinematography industry. Our team loves to travel and have been privileged to work with some amazing filmmakers.

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Judah Rodriguez



Judah is a perfectionist when it comes to flying aerial machines. He first explored this passion three years ago when he bought his first quadcopter. Now he looks to the sky with a keen eye for dynamic shots. He loves to build his own UAVs and explore aerial technology as it continues to evolve. With countless hours behind the sticks, safety is always his number one priority when flying on set. He is looking forward to seeing how this technology continues to change how we make movies. Judah  enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter as well as researching random things.


Josh has always been into film making. He enjoys capturing stunning shots and really enjoys the creative process that goes into the planning of them. Josh is also an incredible film and classical composer and has collaborated with many animators and filmmakers in his career. 
Check out his website at joshrodriguezmusic.com

Josh Rodriguez

camera/gimbal operator

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COLD SNOW-Feature Film

Common Questions


We like to educate filmmakers on the many
possibilities of this new technology.

What is the legal operation range?

We operate our copters within line of sight and below 400 feet above ground level.


What camera angles can you get with a drone?

The possibilities are endless, our copters can get the shot you have not even thought about. The camera has a 360 degree operating range and can also be tilted straight down.


How far/long can the drone fly?

The main limiting factors here are the radio's range and the battery life of the copter. Dependant on the flying conditions a radio will normally give you up to 1km of range, under ideal conditions as far as 1.5km. Battery life is dependent on the drone you are flying and the equipment you have on it. Also remember that your power consumption will be higher when traveling at high speed thus decreasing your flight time. Our gear gets us about 15 min. flight time per battery cycle, but we also have many batteries that we can switch out as needed for full days of filming.


What is the camera quality?

We only fly in 4K RAW.


Can you see the video on the ground?

Yes, we use an 1080p HD video transmission system that lets us see what the camera is seeing.


What is the max altitude?

400 feet is the maximum permitted height.


Can the drones fly in rain or high wind?

Sorry, but we do not operate our gear in rain simply because the electronics of our system could fail if gotten wet. Besides, if a single drop of water were to get on the camera lens, then the footage isn't of much use. For safety reasons we also prefer not to fly in winds over 18mph.


How fast can a drone fly?

Our drones can reach around 40mph depending on the wind conditions.

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Based out of Northeast Ohio but can travel worldwide.

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